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Karki's Baaz Security Services Pvt. Ltd. has quality security presence in carrying out various associated functions such as; gate ,Control & reception, firefighting, supervision, parking, control, first aid, use of communication systems etc. we have been providing security staff in factories, office, hotels and motels, mall and showrooms, nursing homes and hospitals, automobiles (showrooms), agencies, residential complex, cinema Halls, museums and auditorium in Uttarakhand.

The group consist of a team of efficient administrative personals and highly motivated ex- serviceman drawn from the army police and paramilitary forces. We undertake complete training of our personals in the security fields: - (self-defense, firefighting, first aid, handling of medical, security equipment and dealing with common people etc.


Our Guard Services

KARKI'S BAAZ SECURITY SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. offers significant knowledge and expertise in the security field Key Services include Industrial Security , Loss Prevention . and Uniformed Security Guard.You can be con our goal is first and foremost to protect your people, property and ultimately ,your bottom line.
Our Uniformed Guards contribute to the process of maintaining a secure and safe environment .Whether you need indoor theft – prevention or crime deterrence ,or high-visibility outdoor security services ,Our professionals are outfitted to meet your specific needs. each guard is not only trained and licensed to provide excellent levels of protective service ,but also act as an ambassador for both advanced security ad your organization .Our in-house training is intensive and comprehensive ,and includes security topics, performance quality safety and customer services .In addition ,each guard receives additional site specific and specialty training as needed.


Social Responsibility

As a first – Nations owned company, we believe in the Seventh Generation Model of decision –making. That means we play the long game ,and we always consider the long term implications of our activities .We are deeply invested in our communities and our people ,and we carefully consider the impact on our stakeholders and rights-holders when we make business decisions.Baaz Security Services is devoted to protecting the safety , health and overall welfare of our employees and clients.
We believe and enforce the ideal that all workers have a fundamental right to work in a safe and healthy environment .Managing risk to people is just as important as protecting property and other assests ; we work hard to make sure that we achieve both of these goals .To this end ,all personal have regular health and safety training , including updates and refreshers courses. They have the tools and skills they need to do their jobs professionally and safety ,no matter where they find themselves. Advanced security personnel are also trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR so they can act as first responders in the event that someone is injured. Depending on the nature of the contract ,we are also often charged with protecting our clients’ Staff, visitors and the general public .In many cases ,Our clients required specialized health and safety training .We commit our personnel to extensive on-site orientations to make sure they understand the unique requirements ,risks and possible scenarios inherent to each location.